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                    1. 2019年7月10-12日显辉越南展
                    2. 商会介绍




                      Brief Introduction of Guangzhou Footwear Association

                      Guangzhou Footwear Association, founded in June 2005, is a city wide legal organization voluntarily built by manufacturing enterprises and trading companies who focus on footwear, leather, shoes materials and so like productions. Its establishment was formally approved by Guangzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. 

                      Guangzhou Footwear Association, being concentrate on the management concept of "harmonious legislation, democratic managing development, service orientated and economy strengthens association" , is fully acted on the function of "providing services, reflecting the real demands and  regulating market behaviors ". On behalf of our industrial cooperation with a friendly manner, its main target is to play the role who builds the bridge and links among foreign contacts and business by reflecting appeals to the related governmental authorities and members; by strengthening self- discipline, by regulating market order, by improving the self-discipline management system, by standardizing the conduct of its members, by coordinating the relationship between members, by maintaining a fair competitive market environment; by grasping the dynamic development of the industry at home and abroad, via collecting and publishing industry information as well as to provide the necessary support and help for the development of enterprises; Members of the organization should participate in exhibitions at home and abroad if it is necessary according to the development and demands from the market and industry, in order to help enterprises expand the international market; fully act on the five main functions of the association "promotion, giving advice, build links, service, self-discipline" , and actively promote the development of Guangzhou shoe industry to be internationalized, striving to build Guangzhou footwear an international brand with the purpose of improving the overall competition ability of Guangzhou shoes in the domestic market so that we could enhance the healthy development of the industry. 

                      Guangzhou Footwear Association has had its third council elections on March 28, 2017.We are with great confidence for the future . The Third Council will inherit and carry forward the spirit of the unity, self-improvement and making efforts, adhere to the origin will of "harmonious legislation, democratic managing development, service orientated and economy strengthens association";In addition, we will also head towards offering more effective services to help membership enterprises  keep pace with time as well as innovative ways of thinking; its playing the role of a bridge , building a platform of cooperation, communication, sharing as well as development between members constantly improve the cohesion and influence of the association which attracts more outstanding enterprises as well as the footwear industries to join us. Fully making use of  elite members' wisdom and resources, discussing development plans of the association will make greater contributions to a long lasting and healthy development for China shoes industry.





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